What should we keep in mind before buying wagyu online?

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Despite the popularity of internet shopping, many individuals are still wary of ordering perishables like meat. You might believe that purchasing anything like Wagyu meat online is a bad idea. Of course, if you don’t know what to look for, purchasing anything online can be challenging. The Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA), which controls meat production in Japan in a similar manner to how the USDA controls it in the US, is primarily responsible for wagyu grading. The JMGA rates Wagyu beef according to a number of criteria, including as fat content, colouring, cut form, texture, and cut type (such as ribeye, fillet, sirloin, etc.).

Beef must come from one of the four types of Japanese cows—Kuroge (Japanese Black), Akage (Japanese Brown), Nihon Tankaku (Japanese Shorthorn), and Mukakuin order to qualify as Japanese Wagyu (Japanese Polled). Beef is not truly Japanese Wagyu if it does not originate from one of these cows. It is a fraud to sell beef that calls itself “Wagyu-style.” Since wagyu beef wholesale refers to certain breeds of cow, there is no Wagyu-style. Wagyu cows are grown and developed in a particular way to optimise intramuscular marbling and meat content. They must also come from a particular species.

wagyu beef wholesale

In order to avoid disappointment, check to see if a company is upfront about where it sources its cows from and how it raises them. In order to maintain their meat’s softness and tenderness, Wagyu cows are often kept on broad ranges without being overworked.

Which company should we trust to buy wagyu online?

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