Less Shopping Is More: A Minimalistic Guide

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Will you define shopping as the selection of what you intend to buy from a collection of available products or a therapy of your soul? I will go with the latter. However the temptation to own every beautiful dress or accessories you come across cannot be helped. But having mercy on our budget and pocket is equally important.

Why do we need minimalism?

It is associated with living a simple life without splurging a lot of money unless necessary. It is crucial to consider and make responsible decisions about a purchase that will add value to our life. So, here is a guide to make sure you gobble up all your savings for your urges.

1.   Smart Shopping

Before buying anything, you should always consider the alternatives that might be available for a lower cost or if the product you want to buy is worth the money. The reviews and ratings of the product from other customers play a crucial role in that decision.

2.   Hold your impulse

When you decide to go shopping, waiting for a few hours before buying might just be the best idea. Sometimes the urge to buy a product is greater than the need to have it. So if you wait for a few hours before impulsively buying it, maybe the urge and excitement would pass and you will realise you don’t really need the product.


3.   Discounts and sales entered the chat

Rather than spending an enormous amount of money on a dress, article or makeup product, don’t forget to check the offers from different sites and shops. Unlike the myth goes, the products they give you at a discount are not entirely bad. So, keeping your eyes open to amazing offers is the key to spending less and saving more.

  1. Are emotions and shopping related?

Absolutely yes! A good mood or bad mood both influences the urge to spend money. When you are in a good mood you want to celebrate your happiness and when in a bad mood you want to treat yourself to a new dress or another skincare product. Treating yourself is a form of self-love, but understanding your financial situations is equally important.

So, the next time your heart is broken, I hope you treat yourself to a cup of ice cream. Your dream of a decent and luxurious life can come true only when you know the value of your money and how and where to use it. Minimalistic shopping doesn’t mean restricting yourself from buying what you love, it just believes in the power of knowing what you need.

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