Selling Your House During a Downsize

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Downsizing your house can be daunting. But if you’re moving, retiring, or have recently had a baby and can no longer fill the space you have available, selling may be necessary during a downsize. Discover our platform by visiting:

Selling your house during downsize can be a great option if you’re looking to invest in a smaller property, but it can be intimidating knowing where to begin. Here are some tips for selling your house during downsize with minimum hassle and time commitment.

Working With a Mortgage Lender

If you’re thinking of selling your house while still living there or after moving into a smaller one, contact a mortgage lender for advice. They’ll know the best places to show it and how the process will proceed. Keep in mind that if you’re switching from a larger mortgage to a smaller one, then the lender might also need to adjust accordingly.

Stage Your Home

Staging your house for sale can help it sell faster, especially if you plan to downsize. By doing this, you can showcase your best features and make the house as attractive as possible. Be sure only to stage those areas of the house which will be shown to potential buyers.

Show Your House

When moving, working with a real estate agent or private buyer, or have recently had a baby, it’s always beneficial to show your house. Doing this allows potential buyers to see that the space has been cleaned up and presented well. If you decide to sell during downsize, keep in mind that continuing advertising for someone who will live there may be beneficial.

Offer Less Than Market Value

If you plan to sell your house during a downsize, you might want to offer less than the current market value. As no one expects a high price when you’re downsizing, people won’t expect a high one from you. Before putting your house on the market, offer well below asking and then negotiate from there.

Rent Out Your House

If you plan to sell your current home, finding a tenant for it might be beneficial. Put up a sign outside saying “Sale Pending,” and consider renting the space out or offering it to a family member who could stay for several months.

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