Understanding All About How To Find Highly Motivated Sellers

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You’ll constantly be seeking motivated seller leads, whether you’re a beginner real estate investor or an old hand. Thankfully, there are a variety of approaches to finding conceivably motivated sellers, some of which don’t involve driving around the neighbourhood. Some of the ways to acquire motivated seller leads would be to buy them from lead generation systems, search MLS for expired listings, run targeted advertisements, do SEO, get into online marketing, work with a data service firm, cold call, etc.

A motivated seller is what?

A homeowner or other entity who is eager to sell a piece of real estate is said to be a motivated seller. When advertising their home for sale, they frequently use the following phrases: Bring all offers; seller is motivated; as-is sale; cash only; no fair offer will be turned down.

  • list their house for sale at a discount
  • Close the deal as soon as you can
  • Offer various sale conditions, such as financing, 0% interest, and no money down, only to get rid of the property.

Owners of unoccupied properties, inherited properties, and properties with zoning issues are frequently motivated sellers. Many real estate investors view vacant rental properties, homes with unpaid taxes, and properties with absentee owners as opportunities.

Motivated Seller Types

Sellers that are motivated and active have already started the process of selling their houses. They may have previously called cash home purchasing companies, posted on social media, or spoken to an agent. Investors in real estate have a responsibility to see that this seller closes on time.


There are several reasons why passive-motivated sellers desire to sell their house but haven’t taken any action, including not understanding the procedure, not knowing how to price, dealing with illness, etc. To turn these passively driven sellers into clients, real estate investors should start the process right now.

The Conclusion

Lastly, consider how to compile the best list of motivated sellers.

Without a tested method at your disposal, finding motivated sellers would be impossible. In the process, you would lose time, money, and effort. We sincerely hope that the techniques we covered in this article will make your future search for possible motivated sellers much simpler. Visit https://www.propertyleads.com/motivated-seller-list/ to know more.

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